Pandrol’s CO2 neutral label 12 April 2022

Global rail fastener specialist Pandrol has underlined its commitment to working collaboratively towards global carbon neutrality by reusing end of life tires in its product portfolio, to reduce its total carbon impact.

As part of this drive, Pandrol’s under sleeper pads are made from end of life tires, using around 2.3kg per sleeper, producing a carbon footprint that is less than half of the same product made using virgin material. Every kilometre of railway track installed with Pandrol’s under sleeper pads, saves 3,000 tyres from landfill or burning.

During their own life cycle, these under sleeper pads will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of railway lines, by increasing their lifespan and reducing the need for maintenance.

“Last year we took action to understand the carbon footprint of the Pandrol sustainable resilient systems (SRS) products, conducting a full Life Cycle Assessment. Since then, we have taken action to reduce our environmental footprint for the products which can be most improved,” comments Thomas Lorent, head of SRS at Pandrol,

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