Future-proof non-ballasted tracks with new interface system 18 March 2024

Pandrol has recently announced the launch of the Common Interface System; a new solution designed to future-proof non-ballasted track.

The Common Interface System, as its name suggests, provides a common connection point for a range of different direct and indirect fastening assemblies. A common base accommodates three different fastenings – FCA, DFC and Vanguard. As a result, when noise and vibration mitigation requirements differ along a stretch of track or change in the future, rather than having to modify or replace the whole track, the fastening system can simply be swapped out.

A standard kit of components is fitted into the sleepers or pre-cast concrete slabs to create the Common Interface footprint to accommodate any of the Pandrol Common Interface Fastening Systems.

This system aims to facilitate significant financial savings by reducing costs of sleeper or slab factory tool while also minimising disruption to rail networks.


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