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About Us

FastFixTechnology.com provides technical information and news on application-specific fastening components and solutions for engineering across all industries, including automotive, rail, electrical + electronics, aerospace, offshore, power generation, construction + civil engineering, as well as other sector.

FastFixTechnology.com provides a powerful and unique platform from which to target key markets. Attracting over 26,000+ annual users, the site delivers dedicated content supporting engineers, designers and end users who are searching for the latest developments and joining solutions as and when they need them. The website is divided into industry relevant sections, enabling users to find the news most relevant to their market. A technical section gives users access to expert white papers that cover key products, technologies and installation processes – providing crucial insight for users across all industries.

FastFixTechnology.com also has a consistent presence on social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition to regular postings, FastFixTechnology.com also has special access to ‘member only’ industry sector and engineering groups – meaning relevant articles can be targeted at exactly the right users.

Fastener + Fixing Group
FastFixTechnology.com is part of the Fastener + Fixing Group, which includes Fastener + Fixing Magazine – the leading publication dedicated to the fastener and fixing industry. Since its inception, the magazine has delivered comprehensive, in-depth reporting on the fastener, fixing and related markets – presenting news genuinely worthy of being read by the industry decision makers.

Bridging them both is FastFixSearch.com, which is a recognised sourcing guide for both trade and end users. The sourcing platform is a valued reference for all facets of the industry. Users have the choice of the annual printed edition or accessing the online version at fastfixsearch.com

Advertise With Us

FastFixTechnology.com is a uniquely focused platform the delivers to a specific and relevant audience across a wide range of industries. Advertising opportunities on the website range from high profile brand marketing such as headline banners, homepage takeovers, and MPUs, to proactive email marketing directly into the users inboxes, as well as exclusive advertising in the monthly newsletter that is sent to over 6,000+ ‘opt-in’ members.

For much information download the FastFixTechnology.com Media Pack.

Getting Editorial Coverage

At Fastener + Fixing Magazine we look to maintain a high editorial standard as we believe it is the key to ensuring our advertisers and editorial contributors achieve their goal via our publications.

Therefore we request that all articles focus on genuine new developments in the industry – company changes, new launches, product developments, new technologies, new sectors opened, new contracts, etc.

To find out more information about upcoming topics and events download our Features Calendar.

We do not charge for publishing editorial. However, publication is at the sole discretion of the editor and submissions are accepted on the understanding that they may be edited for content and length.

Feature length articles – such as face-to-face interviews, visits and company insights – are usually conducted by our editorial team. These articles are normally linked to an advertising programme and are designed to deliver a unique depth of understanding of the company – with our independent editorial stance creating a level of credibility otherwise very difficult to achieve.

For more information on editorial opportunities available please download our Editorial Guide or send an email to editor@fastenerandfixing.com

Copyright Information

All of the material published on this website is subject to copyright and should only be used as detailed below. Failure to do so is a breach of our conditions of use of this website and may violate copyright law.

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Extract quotations of a maximum of 30 words for inclusion in a longer original text of your own as long as the source of the quotation is fully acknowledged including our website address.

In case of any doubt or to request permission to publish or reproduce outside of these conditions please contact editor@fastenerandfixing.com

This website contains news and articles originated by ourselves and also reports based on or wholly sourced from submissions by third parties to Fastener Fairs Ltd. The utmost care is taken to ensure that information published is accurate and current at the time of publication.

However, Fastener Fairs Limited cannot be held responsible or, in any way liable, for errors or omissions of any material contained on this website. The publisher also cannot be held liable for the validity of any claims included within this website and made by advertisers, contributors or providers of article content. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Editor or Fastener Fairs Limited.

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FastFixTechnology.com (Part of Mack Brooks Group) is committed to protecting your privacy online. We will treat any personal information (data that is unique to an individual, such as a name, address, email address, or telephone number) that you provide to us, or that we obtain from you, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1998.


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We obtain personal information from you when you subscribe to our publications, either digitally or in print. When you visit our website, we also collect certain information that does not identify you personally, but provides us with usage data, such as the number of visitors we receive or what pages are visited most often. This data helps us to analyse and improve the usefulness of the information we provide on our website. We do not hold or store any financial data.

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How do we use Personal Information?

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How can you amend your Personal Information or ask us to remove it?

If you do not wish to receive any future marketing communications from us, please email us. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or queries about this Privacy Policy, please contact Jamie Mitchell, publication director, Fastener + Fixing Magazine.