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Features and benefits of ArmorGalv® thermal zinc diffusion

19th April 2017
Ref: Ref: FFT170419

Thermal diffused zinc, a finishing process historically known as sherardising,has been used for corrosion protection of metal parts for over a century…

Determining the effect of lubrication on the security of bolted joints

11th April 2017
Ref: FFT170411

Lubricants provide many benefits to a bolted joint. They ease the amount of energy required to tighten the bolt; they provide better wear resistance; …

How different blanking technologies may influence the final performance of the retaining ring

5th April 2017
Ref: Ref: FFT170405

Any quality oriented manufacturer of retaining rings should assess the most appropriate production technology for its specific range of products. Stee…

Compression spring design and general considerations

20th March 2017
Ref: Ref: FFT170320

Stress, set and weight should be important considerations in establishing a custom spring design that need to be understood at the outset. Here, Chris…

Chemical versus mechanical anchors – the pros and cons

6th February 2017
Ref: FFT170130

Those responsible for choosing fixings for any application – let alone ones that are safety critical – are faced with a bewildering array of fixing sy…