Cost efficient and high performing: Zinc-alloy corrosion protection for threaded fasteners

01 January 2015

By Dr Björn Dingwerth – global product line manager, corrosion resistant coatings, Enthone GmbH Rene van Schaik, industry manager, functional coatings Europe, Enthone GmbH

Ref: FFT161501/14

Keeping it all together is what fasteners are all about. At first, some may consider this a simple  objective to achieve given what appears to be a relatively basic component. However, the ever increasing demands for higher durability, enhanced decorative appearance, extended warranty life, as well as meeting OEM design requirements and consumer preferences, have made ‘keeping it all together’, more than mechanical. Defined friction properties that are of paramount importance for reliable automatic assembly in manufacturing and safe re-assembly in maintenance procedures, OEMs and their tier suppliers have established comprehensive specifications to ensure exacting performance requirements are consistently achieved and maintained.