The next generation of tension clamps 07 October 2022

With its new M-Generation tension clamps, Vossloh now offers a solution which deals with greater load levels while improving the carbon footprint over the products entire service life.

Increasing passenger numbers, a consistent shift of freight traffic as well as recent industry trends to improve product sustainability has led to strains on rail infrastructure. Vossloh now offers its M-Generation product to combat these challenges.

With a compact design, the outwardly curved spring arms, which resemble an ‘M’, provide larger contact area to the rail base and reduced contact stress. Additionally, increased fatigue strength is achieved by allowing three-dimsensional stress directions in the clamp geometry. Vossloh states the high natural frequency is two to three times higher than previous rail tension clamps – this strengthens the new tension clamp against external influences. In turn, this lowers life cycle costs.  

Vossloh AG also say it has enhanced the material used in the tension clamp design. A micro-steel alloy, with a low stress bending process and a hardening process used in its production. This ensures CO2 emissions can be reduced in the manufacturing process.

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