Security fasteners for railway 23 September 2019

Transport systems are an essential element of modern societies providing a vital function with strategic significance. Millions of people travel every day using public transport, commuting for the purpose of work or study; to shop or just for recreation and leisure.

Transportation systems and infrastructure are increasingly seen as attractive targets for antisocial, criminal and terrorist actions – largely due to their innate openness and their ease of accessibility. Nationally there has been a 12% rise in the number of crimes committed at railway stations in England, Scotland & Wales over the past year.

One way to help stamp out the impact of crime is by ‘target hardening’, which is a term used for making infrastructure physically more resilient to attack. This in turn makes crimes more difficult to commit, increasing the perceived risks involved and often discouraging offenders from committing crimes in the first place.

Hafren Security Fasteners has developed a range of specialist ‘anti-tamper’ fixings, designed to make tampering and removal almost impossible or at least extremely difficult.

Security fasteners are specialised fasteners that are either permanently mechanically fixed (not removable) or have an unconventional drive system meaning it is difficult and near impossible to remove without the matching driver tool.

Security fasteners are often used in areas where an application is accessible to the public, as a means to deter or prevent tampering, vandalism or disassembly. Examples of applications in public transport that rely on the protection of security fasteners include signage, perimeter security, fencing and barrier systems, lighting, street furniture/infrastructure, safety systems, CCTV cameras, call points, alarms and control panels, electrical access points, electrical and signalling cable, as well as bike stations and lockers.

“The ever present threat of terrorism, and the negative and destructive effects of crime and vandalism, means security fastener measures for preventing crime have become a real necessity in mass public transport systems,” comments Hafren. “Being an approved Hafren Fasteners distributor helps establish your business as a specialist in the supply of fasteners and opens the door to a variety of exclusive supply opportunities. Added to this are the great margins on specialist security fasteners and the linked sale opportunity of supplying specialist tooling, alongside fastener sales.”

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