Rail solutions from Pandrol 17 November 2022

In this article, Pandrol highlights it’s Bonded DFF system, a bonded baseplate solution ideal for use when high levels of vibration mitigation are needed in rail applications.

Developed by the Pandrol Fastening Systems team, the Bonded DFF system can be used on both standard track and turnouts. Suitable interfaces for this system include pre-cast concrete slab panels, pre-cast concrete sleepers, direct pour concrete, and steel structures. The top and bottom baseplates are factory assembled into a one-piece system bonded together using vulcanised rubber. The system can then be easily installed by one person within safe working limits. Also, the assembly has a fail-safe design should bond failure between rubber and metal components occur.

By using vulcanised rubber, the system’s bonding achieves high levels of electrical resistance and a long electrical leakage path. It offers insulation for the rail, isolating it from the track bed and avoiding electrical leakage into the ground, as well as a high level of stray current protection. This rubber covering also acts as a protective barrier between the baseplate and the atmosphere. In higher temperatures, Pandrol states the use of Bonded DFF can reduce stress in the rail.

Bonded DFF decreases the dynamic load level by reducing vibrations transmitted to the ground and distributing them along the supports. As a result, vibrations are isolated, and the secondary noise generated by the transmission of these vibrations through the surrounding structures can be mitigated.

Bonded DFF is available as an offset configuration for both two and four bolt arrangements, as well as a two hole in-line configuration, making it ideal for new build, track renewal and retrofit applications. It is also available in a variety of lengths, for use in plain track and with options to suit various applications.

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