New portable clipping machine 14 September 2022

Pandrol, a rail infrastructure company, has announced the launch of the CD100 B, an emission free, portable clipping machine designed for clipping and de-clipping Pandrol FE, FC and FCX Fastclips.

Compact and lightweight, the machine is suitable for use by a single operator and can be easily carried onto site thanks to its design, saving time and labour costs. A weight bearing wheel runs along the rail, reducing the physical strain on the operator, making it safer and convenient for users. 

The CD100 B replaces the necessity of manual hand tools for small jobs, eliminating the risk of tools slipping and physical stress injuries. Powered by a battery, the machine has low noise and carbon emission, therefore it is suitable for use in tunnels, in stations and in densely populated areas.

“The launch of the CD100 B is a fantastic step for us to unify the great work being done to optimise battery power and sustainable materials across Pandrol’s track equipment,” says Maria Nilsson, head of equipment product line at Pandrol.

Part of the Pandrol E+ range optimising energy efficient, environmentally friendly track construction and maintenance, the CD100 B is designed to significantly cut carbon emissions without compromising power. Our focus on reduced emissions and improved working conditions on track will continue as we work towards becoming a cleaner, greener company,” adds Maria Nilsson.

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