LOCTITE®’s threadlocking sticks 01 October 2014

LOCTITE® has added LOCTITE® 248 to its wide range of anaerobic threadlockers, which it says is an excellent method of keeping fasteners firmly in place.

Self-loosening of threaded fasteners is a leading cause of catastrophic failure in industrial machinery so maintaining appropriate clamping forces is an important element in their effectiveness.

For applications where a liquid product may be too fluid to stay on the part or difficult to apply, LOCTITE 248 and 268 sticks can be used. The new LOCTITE 248 is a medium strength, single component product for threads up to M50 and LOCTITE® 268 is its high strength counterpart.

The colours blue and red differentiate the respective products visually. As with the LOCTITE liquid anaerobic adhesives, both LOCTITE 248 and 268 cure in the absence of air when confined between close fitting metal surfaces and are suitable for use on a wide variety of metal surfaces. They are also effective on passive substrates such as stainless steel. 

The health and safety credentials of these latest generation sticks are also improved, as is their tolerance of oil, making them less sensitive to improperly cleaned parts. Henkel says that these qualities have been achieved without compromising any of the products’ other key properties such as chemical resistance and shelf life.

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