Growing market demand for IoT bolts 23 October 2023

Strainlabs, a leading provider of innovative fastening solutions, has announced an expansion of its IoT bolt size range. Previously available in sizes ranging from M10 to M20, the company has now introduced three new sizes, M22, M24, and M27, available in property classes 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 to cater to a broader range of industries and applications.

The decision to introduce the new sizes was driven by customer demand and new market partnerships soon to be announced. “Our customers, especially in industries such as railways and general production, have shown a growing interest in larger bolts, particularly M22 – M27. We listened to their needs and initiated the development of this range expansion earlier this year,” explains Michael Fransson, product manager at Strainlabs.

Strainlabs’ ambition is to offer high-accuracy and precision measurements for all its products. To meet this goal, a large load cell has been added to the Strainlabs in-house test laboratory for testing and verification of the performance of the new sizes. The company states all bolts undergo rigorous quality and accuracy testing before they are delivered to customers.

“Technically, we were able to use the same sensor as in the smaller sizes, with some minor software adjustments. We have tested the new sizes internally and with external partners and verified that the resolution and capabilities of these new sizes meet our high expectations,” adds Michael.

Strainlabs plans to continue expanding its bolt size range and make adjustments to accommodate the industry’s need for digitalisation of bolted joints. “Our current technology has already been tested with even bigger bolts sizes and we have the competence and resources to explore further possibilities should a customer with such needs approach us,” concludes Csaba Madru, CEO of Strainlabs.

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