Determined to succeed 15 September 2014

DIV Ltd, a member of the DIV Group, is a specialist in processing, manufacturing and trading fasteners, as well as machine parts and products, with the ultimate aim of becoming synonymous with quality and fast delivery, whilst at the same time creating long-term relationships with customers.

DIV Group headquarters in Samobor, Croatia

Headquartered in Samobor, Croatia, DIV Group (DIV) has more than 3,000 employees in the group. DIV has a special production facility in Knin, Croatia, where it specialises in the mass production of screw elements. Other affiliates making up the DIV Group include MIN-DIV Svrljig a.d, Serbia – which focuses on the manufacturer of accessories for rail; TVIK-DIV d.o.o based in Valjevo, Serbia; Debeljak Industrija Vijaka, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, DIV Concrete Sleepers Ltd, Serbia, as well as Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc – Croatia’s largest shipyard.

The family run business has one key philosophy that runs throughout the company: 'To become the biggest producer of fastener elements in the world.’

“Today it is not enough just to sell products,” explains Tomislav Debeljak, president at DIV Group. “It is important that you are able to build relationships and partnerships with customers. It is only through building long lasting partnerships that you can ensure that you grow as a company, and your customer also grows with you.”

Tomislav Debeljak, president, DIV Group

DIV offers global solutions across a range of industry sectors, supplying goods to the majority of countries in the European Union, as well as countries in Africa. The company is also looking to expand into new markets such as Russia, America and Canada.

“When it comes to innovations and providing total solution for fasteners, we continuously adapt our products and services,” states Darko Pappo, member of the board. 

 “In order to recognise and meet the expectations of customers, our fastener factory is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 through the TÜV Group.”

Recognising the needs of the market and following regulatory requirements and EU directives, DIV is currently certified for key standards tied to the European directive for construction 305/2011 and equipment under pressure PED 97/23. The products manufactured in compliance with the European directives are also accompanied by Declarations of Performance, and labelled with CE marking, so that every manufacturer can install them into their own final product.

Tomislav Debeljak adds: “At DIV we are very conscious of making sure that all our products meet the very highest standards. For instance, whilst we already meet our national legal regulations, we will be looking to meet standards for environmental care and safety at work, by attaining certification according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.” Tomislav continues: “In addition our primary production is based on DIN, EN, ISO, ANSI and UNI Standards.”

DIV’s production takes place on modern production lines using automatic cold forming, ranging from two blow to seven station progressive transfer headers, and automatic/ semi-automatic multiple-stroke hot-forming machines.

The group has a wide range of capabilities available across its various sites including: Chemical descaling and phosphate coating (for raw material wire and bars), drawing, shot blasting, annealing and normalisation, cold and hot forging, thread rolling, stamping, grinding, milling, heat treatment and case hardening.

This wide range of manufacturing capability means that DIV can produce an extensive range of products in standard and non-standard dimensions, and is equipped for OEM production according to special customer requirements.

DIV has the capacity to produce cold-formed products from M2 to M27 x 250 using multi-die bolt making machines, with a capacity of over 120,000 tonnes per year. Hot forged products range in dimensions from M8 to M120 x 1,200, using automated machines with presses up to 630 tonnes, with a total capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year. Thread rolling capacity ranges up to M120 (metric thread, UNC, UNF, Whitworth, RD, TR and others), using flat die, planetary die, thru feed and in-feed thread rolling machines with up to 50 tonnes of pressure, and total capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year. DIV is also able to produce steel sheet and profiles through laser, plasma, and gas cutting.

DIV’s heat treatment is carried out in-house by hardening and tempering of fasteners in continuous flow furnaces with protective atmosphere. These have a capacity of 7.5 tonnes per hour. DIV can offer all types of surface protection, including electroplating and galvanising, hot dip galvanising, decorative surface protection, highly corrosive resistant surface protection and coatings for reducing installation friction. All protective coatings meet the requirements of REACH and RoHS and do not adversely affect the environment.

To add to its large selection of products, DIV has incorporated a modern approach to warehouse management, using a highly sophisticated transport and network – including a warehouse of over 40,000 pallet positions and more than 100,000 items ready for delivery. DIV is also able to provide Kanban and Just-in-Time delivery systems.

DIV’s packing department is equipped with six semi-automatic packing facilities with a capacity of 8 – 10 tonnes per hour.

Properly packed products are stored in high rack storage while 13 loading ramps are ready and waiting to load goods from Knin to all corners of the globe.

“We recently opened a new factory, valued at 25 million euros, representing the largest investment ever by DIV Group,” mentions Darko Pappo. “Annual production capacity of the new factory is 100,000 tonnes, which increases export from the current 20 million to 100 million euros.”

The new factory (pictured above) is located on the site of an existing industrial plant and covers more than 22,000 square metres of production and handling space. With this new investment DIV intends to achieve mass production of standard fastener products, especially ISO 4014, ISO 4017, DIN 931 and DIN 933. The new factory also offers storage capacity for raw materials of over 10,000 tonnes.

“This new factory will enable us to continue to serve our customers with a wide range of standard and non-standard fasteners,” explains Tomislav Debeljak. “Our satisfied customers are the best sign that we are on the right path.

By expanding our operation we are ensuring that we can continue to satisfy our current and new customers. It also underlines our determination to succeed.”

DIV Group undoubtedly has a vast range of skills and capabilities that enables it to service a selection of industries around the world. With the new factory adding additional capacity, what plans does DIV have for the future? Tomislav and Darko are both in agreement: “As a company we will continue to plan for growth and development in all segments of our business processes. Most importantly we will continue to work with our customers in creating long-term partnerships that ultimately lead to success for us and our customers.”

Claire Aldridge Deputy Editor t: +44 (0) 1727 743 889

Having spent a decade in the fastener industry experiencing every facet – from steel mills, fastener manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, as well as machinery builders and plating + coating companies, Claire has developed an in-depth knowledge of all things fasteners.

Alongside visiting numerous companies, exhibitions and conferences around the world, Claire has also interviewed high profile figures – focusing on key topics impacting the sector and making sure readers stay up to date with the latest developments within the industry.