Sunny prospects for sustainable energy 14 May 2024

Recently, fischer’s BWM Façade Systems have been used by a leading manufacturer of electricity storage solutions to install an integrated photovoltaic system into a newly developed factory.

When building a new production site in Iggensbach, Bavaria, the Fenecon company, a manufacturer of electricity storage solutions, planned a large façade solar system to generate electricity. To execute the project, Fenecon turned to the BWM Façade Systems from fischer to integrate the photovoltaic modules into the ventilated curtain wall.

“The advantage over roof and on-roof systems is that the winter yield of a solar façade is higher, and the electricity yield is significantly improved even in the otherwise less profitable months,” explains Benjamin Orths, who was co-responsible for the project as international product manager for façade systems at fischer. 

fischer BWM façade systems supported those responsible for the project with façade planning and, in partnership with Solarwatt, developed a project-specific fastening solution that can be transferred to other projects. “The result is a completely safe system that can be used in all relevant areas such as residential, office and commercial construction, provided there is an anchoring base,” adds Benjamin. “Thanks to our substructure for PV systems, areas that have already been sealed can be used and existing façades can be activated to generate renewable energy.”

Across an area of ​​approximately 1,050m2, the fischer BWM façade enabled the architectural façades to be fixed using clips to avoid disturbing visible components, such as insert rails. This system also enables a façade appearance with minimal joints.

The new factory was constructed as a steel structure. While the parts of the façade that are not used for solar energy have an insulated cassette façade, the photovoltaic modules were anchored into the supporting structure using a substructure. These vertical support profiles served as a base construction for the horizontal agraffe profiles which were attached to the vertical profiles using self-drilling screws. The photovoltaic modules could then be hung on the open C-profile of these horizontal elements with the handles pre-assembled on the back. Benjamin emphasises: “By pre-assembling the brackets with special screws and their geometry precisely tailored to the horizontal profile, rapid construction progress was possible.”

With the substructure for photovoltaic modules, fischer BWM façade systems enable the construction of aesthetically high-quality, safe buildings with sustainable energy production. Thanks to the long-term safety and functionality of the firmly fixed solar façades, solar energy can be converted into electricity for decades without releasing emissions or consuming resources.

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