New large diameter bearing and shaft sealing solution 22 January 2021

Global sealing technology expert James Walker has launched a new innovative version of its Walkersele rotary lip seal, following an in-depth research and development project in collaboration with wind turbine and bearing OEMs.

The new product, called Walkersele X-Gen, meets the challenges thrown up by the increasing size of turbine designs - maintaining effective sealing against deflected shafts or housings and increased offset, plus enhanced retention of sealing forces over the full circumference of the sealing face.

Walkersele X-Gen also addresses the issues created by the use of high performance greases for lubrication rather than oil, which brings a new dynamic to the operation of the bearing seal and an additional challenge for any sealing solution.

In cooperation with bearing and turbine OEMs James Walker has undertaken a comprehensive test programme covering all elements of rotary seal design. These include spring retention, lip loading, torque, friction, leakage and wear plus sealing capability at a variety of significant offsets. Testing was focused on protecting and extending the service life of critical bearing applications and drive mechanisms.

The result is a new innovative seal construction specifically configured to optimise sealing capability on large diameters where increased levels of offset from loaded bearings and out-of-round shafts and seal housings can create significant issues.

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