When hygiene is the focus 29 January 2024

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has developed a new series of cross handles with a protruding steel bushing – specially designed for use in applications which require increased hygiene requirements. 

The new cross handle series with a protruding steel bushing is based on this standard with its hygiene-optimised design and covers a wide range of applications. In addition to a standard version, the specifications available are antibacterial, high temperature resistant and visually and metal detectable.

The threads of the versatile products are made from robust materials such as steel or stainless steel, and the handles are made from plastic. The protruding steel bushing offers optimal contact surface and, with its internal thread, is particularly suitable for cross-pin connections. In terms of their functionality, the cross handles comply with DIN 6335.

The standard version is made of reinforced thermoplastic and manufactured with either steel (blue passivated) or stainless steel 1.4305. The antibacterial cross handle is not only highly effective against a variety of harmful microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi, but also against multi-resistant germs such as MRSA.

The high-temperature-resistant version uses a special high-temperature plastic that KIPP states complies with the international standards and guidelines for food and drinking water safety FDA, EU10/2011, NSF and KTW. The threaded bushing or the threaded bolt are made of high-quality, rust and acid-resistant stainless steel 1.4404. This means that the cross handles are not only suitable for contact with food and drinking water, but also have long-term resistance to hot water and hydrolysis, which makes them ideal for use in the area of ​​steam sterilisation, among other things. The high-temperature plastic can be used reliably in contact with hot air at continuous temperatures up to 160°C, as well as short exposure periods to 250°C.

The detectable cross handles were also designed for the food industry in order to prevent major failures in the event of potential contamination during the production process. A visually detectable version in ultramarine blue (RAL 5002) and a version made of a special metal-detectable plastic are available. If these control parts enter the process whole or in fragments, they can be detected and removed easily and quickly with the naked eye, automatically with special camera systems or with metal detection systems.

The standard version includes cross handles with handle diameters from 25mm to 63mm and thread sizes from M5 to M16. All other variants are available with a handle diameter of 25mm to 50mm and thread sizes from M5 to M10. In addition to cross handles, KIPP also offers users a large selection of star handles, T-handles and mushroom handles made from various robust materials and with different specifications.

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