Web portal puts power in hands of customers 04 June 2024

The new ground-breaking functionality added to the Seco website allows customers to instantly compare inserts, enabling them to quickly discover and order Seco replacements that are equal to or better than their existing tools.

The website functionality – that Seco states is one of the first such tool comparison services in the industry – is an easily accessible digital service that is now available to Seco customers around the world. The system is designed to save time for customers and to reduce risk by ensuring that their requests are dealt with quickly and comprehensively by comparing them to an extensive database of tools and performance featuring both Seco and competitor products. The product database is continuously updated to ensure that the recommendations are always based on the most up-to-date information available.

“If I’m a machine operator or assistant, I can take the name of the tool, its grade or geometry and input it into the Seco Tool Comparison tool and get instant recommendations for Seco tools that are the equivalent or better than the one they are currently using,” explains Simon Karlström, product lead, advanced tool solutions at Seco. “This functionality has previously been available in the Seco Assistant App, and it uses our expertise and the data that we have collected from our product and innovation departments, with the added benefit of being able to order the necessary tools directly from the website.”

Users of the website can choose between turning, milling and holemaking tools and specify the different grades, chip breakers and materials that they might be using in their process. If applicable, the operator can enter the name or product grade of a competitor’s tool and include parameters for toughness, wear resistance and heat – Seco Tool Comparison takes all these factors into account when making its final recommendations. Once decided on a new Seco tool, users can order it directly from the Seco website. 

“We expect our customers to be very pleased with both the time they save and the recommendations they receive – they will no longer have to search online or call a salesperson to discuss their options, all of the alternatives will be right there at their fingertips,” Simon adds. 

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