Two part export system passes ISO 10993-5 14 May 2020

Master Bond states its new EP40Med two-part epoxy system, which meets the requirements of ISO 10993-5 testing and is therefore considered to be non-cytotoxic, combines toughness and a low tensile modulus while still providing a relatively high lap shear strength – making it ideal for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulating.

EP40Med is an effective adhesive for applications where toughness and flexibility along with good structural strength are needed. It also resists sterilisation to gamma, EtO, chemicals, and liquid disinfectants. The formulation bonds well to polycarbonates, acrylics, metals, ceramics and composites and is recommended for use in medical device manufacturing and repair for both disposable and reusable instruments.

EP40Med is a flexible epoxy with an elongation of 80% – 90%, a lap shear strength of 1,600 to 1,800 psi and a low tensile modulus of 25,000 to 50,000 psi. It is also an electrical insulator with a volume resistivity over 1012 ohm-cm. The epoxy system is easy to use with a one to one mix ratio by weight or volume and a low to moderate viscosity of both parts A and B. The product is available in 1/2 pint, pint, quart, and gallon kits, and specialty packaging is available in gun dispensers, as well as premixed and frozen syringes.

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