The new safe-torque range 08 July 2024

Torque controlled screwdriving tools can’t always provide precise torque control, as many of these tools only feature a trigger mechanism, which can enable accidental over-tightening. Wera, the Wuppertal-based screwdriving tool specialist, has therefore introduced the new Safe-Torque series to tackle these issues.

The new range offers two versions, the Safe-Torque torque wrench series and the Safe-Torque Speed screwdriver series. As the family name suggests, exceeding the required torque value is safely ruled out, even when high force is applied. Behind this is an ingenious slide-over mechanism. The tools also feature a torque lock function which, when activated, turns the tool into a standard ratchet which can be used for various applications in screw loosening.

Safe-Torque torque wrenches can be set to values between 2Nm and 12Nm, they enable high force transmission thanks to the long lever and have been specially designed to enable clockwise and anti-clockwise torque control.

Safe-Torque Speed screwdrivers are available in A 1 (square drive) or A 2 (hex drive) bit options, in three user-friendly sets; a universal set; a bicycle set; and a set for carbide inserts. Designed to be compact and easy to handle, the screwdrivers can be set to apply 1Nm to 3Nm, or 2Nm to 6Nm. The screwdrivers can be quickly adjusted between five different torque values, ensuring maximum screwdriving success in both clockwise and anti-clockwise tightening.

The Safe-Torque series are ideal for mobile use, stored in a surface-friendly, compact and highly robust textile box.

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