The ideal time for less hazardous adhesives 27 March 2024

For businesses using solvent adhesives in their manufacturing processes, it is an ideal time to review current work practices and make the transition to greener alternatives. With a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility in today’s climate, Chemique Adhesives has been pioneering innovative and sustainable bonding solutions. Here, the company outlines the benefits for switching to less hazardous adhesives.

Firstly, when switching to safer adhesive options, water-based and hot melt adhesives provide an eco-friendly solution by minimising the impact of pollutants due to the absence of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Their versatility, ease of use and ability to form a strong bond make them a preferable option across various industries. Moreover, they can provide a cost-effective option when compared to traditional solvent-based adhesives.  

Both types of adhesive offer versatility in application, whether through automated or manual processes. Hot melts are typically applied using bead or spray techniques, while water-based adhesives are commonly administered via spray or roller methods. By adjusting the formulation and viscosity appropriately, these adhesives can effectively meet diverse production needs.

Chemique’s experienced technical sales and service team can provide innovative solutions by conducting a thorough review of a company’s existing bonding process and suggesting a safer type of adhesive. The company also offers on-site or laboratory testing to prove that the recommended adhesive will not only provide a less hazardous option, but can also offer cost savings, improved efficiency, and increased output. As well as this, Chemique Adhesives can install and regularly service all required equipment for added peace of mind.

Stuart Francis, Managing Director of Chemique Adhesives comments, “For nearly forty years we have made progressive steps towards replacing solvent-based solvents from the workplace with our cutting-edge water-based and hot melt adhesive systems. These pioneering products not only promote a healthier workplace but also play a key role in reducing our environmental impact.”

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