Technology on the move 11 March 2024

Walter's Tiger·tec® Gold WSM37G grade marks a technological leap into a new field of application, allowing users to benefit from innovative coating technology in thread milling.  

Like the proven Tiger·tec®Gold milling grades from Walter, the new Tiger·tec® Gold WSM37G grade, whose layer structure, Walter states, is unique on the market and consists of a carbide substrate, wear-resistant TiAlN layer and multi-layer aluminium oxide layer (Al2O3), allowing for high temperature resistance. An eponymous gold coloured ZrN top layer also reduces friction and indicates any wear.

Walter cites significantly higher cutting parameters and longer tool edge life as user advantages. In some tests, Walter states the grade also increased tool life by up to 100%, with far fewer radius corrections. The grade offers maximum productivity when used in conjunction with multi-row thread milling cutters.

Compatible with all Walter thread milling cutters, Tiger·tec® Gold WSM37G can be used universally with all ISO materials, including P, M, K, N, S and H up to 55 HRC, from a nominal diameter of 16mm. The indexable inserts combine chip breakers specially developed for thread milling with two proven geometries – the universal D67 for maximum tool life quantity, and the D61 with anti-vibration land, which guarantees excellent operational smoothness even in difficult conditions.

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