Sustainability in packaging solutions 18 March 2024

IPG® (Intertape Polymer Group®), a leading manufacturer of packaging products, has introduced ExlfilmPlus® PCR, a revolutionary polyolefin shrink film that, the company states, contains 35% total recycled content and is prequalified to be recycled at store drop-off locations.

ExlfilmPlus® PCR has been specially designed to meet the growing demand for more sustainable and circular packaging solutions, while delivering superior performance and quality.  

ExlfilmPlus® PCR is a polyolefin shrink film, one that IPG states contains, at minimum, 10% certified post-consumer recycled content and 25% certified post-industrial recycled content. The new film also contains certified mechanical post-consumer recycled content, which is derived from plastic waste collected from consumers and recycled into new resin.  Additionally, ExlfilmPlus® PCR has been prequalified by HOW2RECYCLE for store drop-off and is approved for some direct food contact applications. Available in gauges thinner than traditional products, it offers a material usage reduction of up to 9%. By minimising the environmental footprint of packaging, customers can attain their sustainability objectives with the help of ExlfilmPlus® PCR. IPG developed ExlfilmPlus® PCR to be compatible with most existing shrink film equipment and applications.

“The film, while providing tremendous sustainable advantage via the high content use of recycled materials, delivers incredible performance,” states Mike Young, vice-president films, IPG®. “It is the perfect choice for companies looking to meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing any of the coveted superior packaging traits associated with premier polyolefin shrink film.”  

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