Stronger machine connections 28 October 2019

norelem, the global standard components specialist, is offering a wider range of secure components for engineers and manufacturers with five new models in its clevis pin range. The new components are designed to provide stronger connections that lock machine parts together.

The new models include three new clevis pins and two new clevises that can lock machine parts together, for example, they are commonly used to connect pneumatic cylinders or gas springs with other components. Clevises, sometimes referred to as link pins or hinge pins, are adjustable and movable linking elements for the transmission of static forces.

They act as linking and guide elements for simple sequences of movements such as in the case of linear push/pull movements or axis offset compensation. In combination with pins and snap in pins, clevises can become fully functional clevis joints.

Within the range is a new clevis pin designed with a groove for securing shafts by using a lock washer. There is also a newly added stainless steel clevis pin offering secure locking, with an added external thread for further security and hold.

Other versions of the clevis pins include ones designed for use with a circlip groove, suitable for use with a DIN 471 circlip, or alternatively with a cotter which offers an equally strong connection.

“At norelem we recognise that durability and reliability is key for engineers and manufacturers. That’s why our clevis and clevis pin range create secure joints that provide total peace of mind, ensuring the safety and functionality of many different types of machinery,” commented Marcus Schneck, CEO at norelem.

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