Spring industry game changer launched 05 July 2024

To make springs available to everyone, everywhere, at any time, the Lesjӧfors Group has launched an online shop offering 24/7 access to what the company says is the widest range of standard stock springs in the world.  

From DIY enthusiasts looking for one replacement spring for a garage door to SME’s and multi-nationals looking for 10,000+ springs as a component part to a product, the new web shop uniquely details tolerances alongside each product, promises fast dispatch and exceptional customer and technical support services.  

Competitively priced, the web shop also offers further cost efficiencies as it acts as a warehouse, storing stock and making it available within hours of whenever the customer orders it. With thousands of configurations, the advanced gas spring builder holds the answer to every gas spring solution and with a customer account page that tracks every interaction, re-ordering and administering is specifically designed to be simple and intuitive.  

Henrik Furhoff, Lesjӧfors Vice-President and Head of Standard Stock says: “Over the years, our M&A and investment program has been building a global network of Lesjӧfors manufacturing, sales and distribution sites, all with the intention of furthering our growth ambitions across the manufacture and supply of quality customised components and standard stock springs.  

This established infrastructure is now perfectly positioned to be able to deliver a customer focused online purchasing platform that gives instant buying power to the widest spring product portfolio in the world.”  

Henrik continues: “We have been leading up to this moment for a long time. We’ve been waiting to get it right, to ensure we can deliver a customer service and technical support platform that matches the quality expected from our products, so that we can genuinely say that our standard stock web shop is an industry game changer. That’s why we’re starting our rollout in our origin country of Sweden and will then be progressing our campaign, across Europe, America and Asia.”  

Ola Tengroth, CEO of the Lesjӧfors Group concludes: “With the establishment of a network of dedicated Lesjӧfors teams around the world, it gives me great pride to think that in 2025 customers will be able to purchase our products from anywhere in the world and have it in their hands almost instantly. Lesjӧfors’ new web shop is a strategic move to expand our spring and pressing supply services to every audience, across every need.”  


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