SKZ adhesive testing in new research project 16 December 2022

SKZ has launched a new research project to develop an innovative post-crosslinking pressure sensitive adhesive tape. Currently, the aim of the project is to develop and test the adhesive on microcapsules.

The use of pressure sensitive adhesives in industrial applications is steadily increasing as they are an easy, safe and inexpensive to process. However, pressure sensitive adhesive can creep at elevated temperatures and are therefore only suitable to a limited extent for permanently loaded structural bonds.

The aim of the SKZ project is to develop and test pressure sensitive post-crosslinking adhesive systems based on microcapsules. The challenge is to encapsulate one of the two components in the adhesive so it breaks when exposed to low pressure, thus starting the crosslinking process without the use of machines. At the same time, this must withstand the winding pressure, for example in the production of adhesive tapes. For this purpose, capsule materials are adapted to the respective adhesives are tested.

Within the framework of the research project of the Industrial Cooperative Research (IGF) funding programme, know-how on microencapsulation, formulation and processing, as well as on the properties of pressure sensitive post-curing adhesive systems is being developed and made available to the participating companies. This will enable work processes to be designed more effectively and economically in the future.

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