Simple, reliable joining process from JAKOB 17 September 2021

The metal bellows coupling series KP with 4 corrugated bellows and two radial clamping hubs from JAKOB Gruppe, is particularly suitable for applications with minimal shaft spacing and limited installation conditions.

In addition, the connection features a very high torsional rigidity ​​and easy to install hub design, as well as a low moment of inertia and good values ​​for the permissible shaft misalignments and restoring forces.

The multi-layer, made of certified stainless steel, metal bellows is characterised by its high torsional rigidity as well as the compensation of axial, radial and lateral shaft offsets. Due to the shortened design and the resulting weight savings, there are other advantages such as lower moments of inertia.

The clamping hub is made of high strength aluminium to achieve the lowest possible moment of inertia. The hubs are equipped with the innovative and service friendly ‘Easy-Clamp-System’.

A single, radially accessible screw per hub provides the for torque transmission necessary preload force. Thanks to this simple, but very reliable connection, the couplings can be mounted in just a few easy steps, even in difficult installation conditions. The bellows hub connection is made by the optimal and backlash-free brass-wire press-fit method. In contrast to adhesive joints, this joining process is absolutely unlimited for critical operating conditions (-40°C to +200°C chemicals) and the transmission torque of each individual bellows layer is safely introduced into the hub.

The KP series is available for nominal torques from 25Nm to 900Nm with bore diameters from 10mm to 75mm.

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