Pioneering approach to sustainability 12 June 2024

Through its globally renowned brand LOCTITE®, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has introduced four new product categories – Pioneer, Contributor, Straight Performer and Challenged, to help customers understand the environmental impact of its products.

In order to highlight how ongoing improvements to its vast range of adhesive solutions can help businesses improve manufacturing efficiency in a more sustainable way, the new categories have been introduced.

‘Pioneer’ are products that offer tangible improvements in sustainability compared to the average market solution or standard; ‘Contributor’ refers to products that deliver a positive contribution in terms of sustainability without offering significant advantages when compared with other available products; ‘Straight Performer’ features products that do not contain harmful substances; and ‘Challenged’ includes products that may contain substances harmful to health and safety.

One of the cornerstone initiatives in the ‘Pioneer’ class has been the removal of potentially harmful materials, such as hydroquinone (HQ). Although the original formulation of the most widely used products in the LOCTITE® Instant Adhesive range only carried very small amounts of the substance, LOCTITE® has responded to regulatory change requirements and industry demand by developing a stabiliser package, which removes the HQ from the formulas.

Another change is the patented technology used across LOCTITE® Health and Safety products which is formulated to eliminate the need for hazardous substances. As a result, these products are classified as non-hazardous, meaning they don’t need to carry hazard warnings under CLP regulations that would trigger a COSHH assessment.

“Good manufacturing practice now requires, rightly, an understanding of the environmental impact of any given technique or solution,” explains Gavin Jackson, applications engineering manager at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. “Engineers should be aware of exactly what they’re using and be diligent when sourcing suppliers to be sure they have a proven track record of improving their sustainability.”

Backed up by EcoVadis

The Henkel commitment to sustainability is backed by a platinum score with EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings which includes more than 100,000 companies in its assessment. Adhering to EcoVadis is an ongoing process which is audited annually by external stakeholders, resulting in a reliable barometer for recognising and promoting environmental, social and governance responsibilities in business practices. With the platinum medal, Henkel ranks in the top 1% of EcoVadis rated companies.

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