Permabond launches new hydrogen ready sealant 20 December 2022

Recently, amidst global shortages, the gas industry has been exploring the option of mixing hydrogen with natural gas for domestic supplies. In response to this, Permabond has released a new anaerobic sealant, Permabond F201HV, which has been approved for use with hydrogen in the gas industry.

Due to the volatile nature of hydrogen molecules, it is essential gas connections and pipe joints are sealed securely. The new high-strength and high-performance Permabond adhesive has been approved for use with hydrogen by the Dutch-based gas testing organisation KIWA and meets the requirements of Inorm KE214.  

Permabond F201HV can be used to seal threaded metal pipe joints, or it can be used on concentric metal parts that slot together. Unlike conventional anaerobic thread sealants, F201HV is not brittle. Its core-shell toughening allows for flexibility in the cured material, which enables differential thermal expansion and contraction. This characteristic means the adhesive is suitable for use with metals such as brass and copper. Permabond Engineering Adhesives states the high strength, toughened formulation provides a permanent sealing solution, reducing the risk of loosening, accidental damage or tampering, all of which could otherwise result in hydrogen leakage.

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