Paper-based reinforcement for sustainable packaging 05 January 2024

tesa, an international manufacturer of innovative adhesive tapes and self-adhesive product solutions, is introducing another sustainable product, adding to its wide portfolio of adhesive tapes. The new tesa® 51345 is a paper-based reinforcement adhesive tape that can be used, for example, to reinforce packaging or cartons at sensitive points such as side hole handles, flap handles, and top-hole handles.

According to tesa, tests have shown that it performs similarly to standard film-based tapes. The innovative, strong paper backing material of the adhesive tape is coated with a solvent-free adhesive that ensures reliable adhesion, even on cardboard with a high proportion of recycled material. After disposing the packaging, the adhesive tape can be recycled along with the packaging material. tesa® 51345 can be applied inline during the corrugated board manufacturing process or offline during box processing using common applicator systems. 

The new tesa® 51345 reinforcement adhesive tape follows the previously launched tesa® 51344 in 2023. as part of its sustainability strategy, by 2030  tesa  is aiming to increase the share of recycled and bio-based materials in all products to 70% and to reduce the use of non-recycled fossil-based plastic by half. 

“Packaging and shipment of items continues to rise – with a growing preference for light and more sustainable packaging. Achieving optimal balance between the reduction of material thickness and adequate strength and protection for packaged goods is paramount. This is precisely where our new tesa® 51345 comes in: reinforcement adhesive tapes provide added strength to lighter packaging and cartons, particularly in critical stress areas," explains Frank Domann, corporate marketing director industrial markets at tesa. "Our adhesive tape solution also contributes to achieve more sustainability in the packaging industry, as the tape has been produced using a solvent-free coating process with a paper backing from sustainably managed sources and a 100% recycled paper core. And the best part: it can be disposed of together with the cardboard material without affecting the recycling process." 

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