NORMA Group provides efficient water management solution 27 November 2019

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is supplying a residential, energy and water saving development in Southern California with a particularly durable and efficient irrigation system. The drip irrigation system saves up to 60% water compared to traditional, water intensive solutions on the market.

“We are continuously improving our water management solutions to meet increasing needs for efficient water supply worldwide,” said Dr Michael Schneider, member of the management board of NORMA Group. “The global megatrend of scarce resources demands answers that are environmentally responsible and economically efficient. With this irrigation system, we offer our customers tailor-made irrigation that saves water and reduces maintenance costs.”

The Dura Flo HD drip irrigation system is currently being installed in a new residential development project in a hilly area in Southern California with over 1,200 homes, 188 condominiums, a school and public park lands. For this “Living Smart” project, more than 140 miles of the heavy-duty dripline have been installed to permanently irrigate plants and bushes on the slopes. Traditional sprayhead irrigation would waste a considerable amount of water. By using emitters, Dura Flo HD dripline allow for precise control of water and targeted irrigation. Because the plants are irrigated more accurately, they can better absorb the water and root deeper – an effective and natural means against erosion and landslides.

Dura Flo HD is a heavy-duty dripline specifically designed for commercial applications. Made from a polyethylene tubing with a thick wall, it offers a durable solution that withstands potential damage by landscape equipment, sunlight and rodents and thus reduces maintenance costs. Possible applications are slopes, flower beds, tree rings and roadways.

NORMA Group offers the complete irrigation systems containing valves, filters, pressure regulators and heavy-duty driplines. The products are manufactured at the plant of NORMA Group’s subsidiary NDS in Fresno, California.

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