No vibration with distance couplings 08 December 2023

Alongside its extensive range of couplings, Jakob Antriebstechnik GmbHalso offers another series, EKHZ, a specially designed tailor-made solutions for bridging large centre distances.

The EKHZ series is based on elastomer couplings from the company’s EKH series and is designed for applications with medium operating speeds. It covers a torque range of 20Nm to 1600Nm and enables maximum speeds of 3500rpm with a minimum length of 50cm. The coupling is suitable for shaft diameters from 8mm to 100mm. As a rule, the maximum available length of the EKHZ from Jakob is three meters.

The EKHZ series offers efficient vibration damping and allows the degree of damping to be adjusted using the Shore hardness of the compensating elements. The use of plastic stars in the coupling design has two advantages – it enables easy installation because the couplings are pluggable, even without a half-shell design. The plastic also offers thermal and electrical insulation. However, due to the material properties, these couplings can only be used in temperatures up to 90°C, with the permissible transmission torque decreasing as the temperature increases.

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