New packaging tape with 92% bio-based carbon content 28 April 2023

tesa, is launching another innovative packaging tape, the new tesa® 60408 includes a paper backing and a natural rubber adhesive, with a 100% bio-based resin. With a total bio-based carbon content of 92%, the tape has been awarded with the highest biocarbon content rating from DIN CERTCO.

​For many industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or the logistics, warehousing, and supply chain sectors, tesa® 60408 offers an alternative to conventional packaging tapes. The tape is ideal for light and medium weight packaging up to 20kg. 

tesa® 60408 has a high tensile strength and is tear-resistant, offering security for packaged products in the supply chain. tesa states it is ideal for showcasing branding and is proven to have good printability with several types of ink systems. The tape is suitable for both manual and automatic dispensers and is largely silent in use. It is also recycling-friendly and is certified according to INGEDE Method 12, which means it can be easily disposed of together with the packaging in everyday paper and card recycling, without compromising the recycling process. Furthermore, the production process is completely solvent-free. 

“we are committed to helping our customers with their sustainability agendas, by developing solutions that offer more sustainable features. our new tesa® 60408 bio-based paper packaging tape has been developed to deliver high adhesive performance while also contributing to sustainability. by choosing a bio-based packaging tape, our customers can take one step further to reducing their use of virgin plastics and achieving their overall sustainability goals – and we continue to be proud to support them in their efforts,” says andreas walkembach, head of industrial trade and converting europe at tesa

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