New miniature swinghandle lock 27 July 2023

As a direct result of customer feedback, EMKA is adding to its flexible 2225 lock design with the introduction of a compact-format lock version in the 2225 range. The new lock offers IP66 sealing and accepts many locking sets, all interchangeable from the front of the housing for normal, or compression operation, with half cylinder or round cylinder, KABA, or standard inserts, such as double bit, or railway/rail type inserts. The system is suited for use in various security classes of application across industrial enclosure and specialist vehicle sectors.

The advanced design of this new mini-package lock has been made possible by EMKA’s advanced hardware technology, incorporating a flat external design, which stands only 9mm above any door to which it is applied, so that it can be used in a wide variety of space-critical applications. The magnetically retained swinghandle also makes it an ideal solution for various industries. 

The new patented design allows users to loosen the two lower screws on the rear side of the lock, so the locking set can be pulled out from the front and replaced. If required, other standard inserts can also be implemented. Alternately, the swinghandle without compression function can also be combined with a multi-point locking system, if required.

Due to its compact design, the swinghandle with compression function is said by the company to be smaller than all other existing compression locks on the market in combination with a DIN, or KABA cylinder, while still offering a full 6mm compression. In addition, this compression latch can be locked and unlocked with all locking devices, including the small EK 333 key, something which Emka says is not otherwise possible with conventional compression latches, as keys are usually too weak and can break.

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