Need to secure a small hose? Jubilee® has just the clip 29 January 2019

Jubilee® Clips is widely known as the manufacturer of the world famous original hose clamp, with an adjustment range of 9.5mm to 12mm. However, the company can offer a much wider range of hose clamps for even the smallest hoses, such as the Jubilee® Juniors (nut and bolt clips) and Jubilee® O clips (2-ear clamps).

The Jubilee Juniors (nut and bolt clips) are mini clips that are ideal for small bore hoses with relatively low pressure and where little clamping force is required. Adjusted by a single bolt, Jubilee Juniors are available in mild steel zinc plated and marine grade 304 stainless steel. The Jubilee Junior clip has a 7mm hexagonal head screw and is ideal for applications such as securing petrol pipes, heaters and other small bore hoses. These useful clips also offer working diameters ranging from 7mm up to 19mm (up to 16mm in 304 stainless steel) and provide a tightening torque of 2Nm maximum.

Jubilee O clips (2-ear clamps are widely used for maintenance and OEM applications and are mainly used on air, fluid, gas and steam lines and also suitable for low pressure hydraulic applications. Sometimes affectionately referred to as ‘Lemon Clips’ due to their shape but they are also known as double ear clips and 2-ear clips.

The absence of a screw mechanism allows Jubilee O clips to be useful on extremely small hoses, down to 3mm working diameter. The tamper proof nature of the fitting may also make the Jubilee O clips suitable for certain applications where there may be a risk associated with any interference to the fitting.

Pincers are used to crimp the ears of the clamps and introduce a proper seal. 2-ear clamps are installed by closing one ear fully first, the second ear is then closed so that the first ear opens slightly. This builds a resilient strength into the clamp in a spring-like action to hold against pressure, vibration and hose shrinkage due to temperature changes or ageing.

Jubilee offers both the Jubilee Juniors and Jubilee O clips in bulk quantities, as well as convenient assortment packs.

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