Limited time offer for manual fastener installation machines 23 May 2024

For a limited time, SPIROL is offering 20% off all its manual fastener installation machines, as well as its pin driving chucks, heat tips and changeover kits.

SPIROL manufactures a comprehensive line of fastener installation equipment – from manual to fully automatic modules – specifically designed to install virtually any type of pin, dowel or bushing, threaded insert and compression limiter. 

These manual installation machines are suited for all levels of production, from a single unit for prototype and low volume assembly, to multiple units on an assembly line. All manual installation machines are extremely versatile and easily adjustable to accommodate a variety of applications as well as various fastener sizes. The robust design of each machine results in smooth operation, precision positioning, repeatability, and durability.

To find out which machine is best suited contact SPIROL's technical support team now to review user requirements and help select the most cost-effective installation solution for your application.
Becca England Assistant Editor t: +44 (0) 1727 615 413

Becca is the latest member to join our team and is eager to get stuck into the world of fasteners. She brings an enthusiastic and fresh outlook on what we do editorially and will be leading our social media activity – including sourcing material, editing articles and posting online.