Lesjöfors gas springs lighten the load 10 January 2024

Lesjöfors has supplied traction gas springs to Feal Ramps, for its iRV loading ramp, - a new innovative disability ramp that will provide accessibility solutions to users all over the world.

It is estimated that 131.8 million people use wheelchairs, which is 1.85% of the world’s population, with the number of individuals with mobility access issues only increasing. Feal Ramps have played a central role in developing increasingly user-friendly designs to improve mobility access for their customers, with the newly launched iRV loading ramp taking wheelchair mobility to a whole new level.

Daniel Stjernlof, sales manager at Feal, explains: “It has always been our mission to make life easier for wheelchair users. Our ramps are completely manual, and work without the reliance on electricity or hydraulics. Our latest design, the iRV, delivers exceptional ease of use because of its lighter handling and the gas springs from Lesjӧfors are an essential part of this. Delivering controlled movement, which does the heavy lifting through the load management by the traction gas springs, secures an enhanced level of control for our users. This is where we see a great customer benefit in using gas springs from Lesjöfors.”

Feal’s vehicle ramps can be fitted to the back of customer’s cars and vans, offering the wheelchair user greater accessibility to a world beyond the wheelchair. Daniel adds: “We’re so proud of everything Feal represents and has achieved. Partnering with Lesjӧfors to deliver a spring solution was an important collaboration for many reasons. It’s partnerships like this, where we mutually deliver quality products backed by sustainable values, that delivers a multifaceted relationship that builds benefits for many.”

Greg Lehman, product head of Lesjӧfors Gas Springs, concluded: “We manufacture millions of gas springs, however, our teams don’t always know for what function. Working with Feal, having the team understand the audience being reached, adds value to the pride of our work. It’s a privilege to partner with such a valued service.”

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