Latest LOCTITE® e-learning module for engineering students 16 May 2024

Adhesive technologies expert LOCTITE® has launched the latest module on its free XPLORE e-learning platform, titled ‘Fundamentals of Bonding’.

‘Fundamentals of Bonding’ offers an in-depth exploration across seven chapters, tailored to meet the needs of both novices and experts in the field. From the basics of adhesive chemistry to advanced application techniques, each chapter is designed to build a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills.

As well as industry professionals, LOCTITE® is making the module available to students through partnerships with several prominent universities including Glasgow Caledonian, Newcastle, Oxford Brookes, Southampton, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Strathclyde, Leicester, and the University of West England. As such, the new module is empowering the next generation of engineering professionals, providing deep insights into the world of adhesive bonding.

In addition to the educational content, the module features a Technology Selector tool. This interactive element guides users to the most suitable LOCTITE® products for their specific needs. Should users not find a perfect match, the platform encourages them to reach out to LOCTITE® experts for personalised consultations. The module also introduces a student-teacher functionality, specifically designed to support Formula Student teams. Educators can share a code with their students, enabling them to track and guide their progress through the course.

Currently available to over 5,000 students at over 20 universities, LOCTITE® XPLORE aims to provide free certified learning to any student and is accessible to students all over the world through their mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Paul Marshall, head of marketing at Henkel UK, Ireland & Nordics, says: "With the launch of ‘Fundamentals of Bonding’, we are taking a significant leap in sharing our deep-rooted knowledge and expertise with students. This module not only offers practical insights but also fosters an interactive and supportive learning community between student and educator. We're excited to see the positive impact this will have on professionals and students alike."

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