Increasing tool life 10 July 2024

RUKO is expanding its ULTIMATECUT countersink range with the introduction of the countersink 4S with HSSE-Co 5 alloy to increase efficiency and tool life of the tool.

HSSE-Co 5, also known as high-speed steel with 5% cobalt alloy, improves the wear resistance and heat resistance of the tool. This, RUKO states, is what leads to a longer tool life, a seven times faster machining time compared to standard countersinks.

The combination of four precisely manufactured cutting edges, the unequal pitch, HSSE cobalt alloy and RUnaTEC coating make the new ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S an indispensable solution for any professional workshop that wants to raise efficiency and precision to a new level. The new countersink 4S is available as a single product and as a five or six piece set.

“The introduction of the HSSE version of our ULTIMATECUT countersink 4S demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and the development of innovative solutions. This countersink adds improved performance and efficiency to the proven strengths of the HSS model, without diminishing the qualities of the HSS, but rather increasing the application possibilities for our users” says David Ondra, head of development at RUKO.

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