GEARWRENCH expands ratcheting wrench line 11 January 2024

GEARWRENCH has recently expanded the 90T family product line, adding two new innovative ratcheting wrenches – the 90T Reversible Ratcheting Wrench and 90T Double Flex GearBox Ratcheting Wrench.

Designed with professionals in mind, the 90 tooth gear on both ratcheting wrenches requires just four degrees of swing arc to turn fasteners, even in the tightest of spaces. Each new wrench also features unique qualities to address end user pain points preventing technicians from getting the job done.

“The voice of the customer is at the center of all that we do at GEARWRENCH. While conducting research with professional technicians, we heard three consistent pain points – needing better access in deep and confined spaces, needing better ergonomics of the wrenches for efficiency, and a need to provide the fastest solution possible for any job,” says Jarrett Wolf, senior product manager, GEARWRENCH. “The GEARWRENCH Double Flex GearBox and Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches not only hit all three of those pain points, but they offer innovation in maximising productivity and increasing safety, while continuing to expand the line of 90T professional ratcheting wrenches.”

The 90T Double Flex GearBox Ratcheting Wrenches are perfect for the tight situations technicians face every day. The 90 tooth 12 point ratcheting box end turns six and 12 point fasteners with a four degree swing arc for improved access, while dual-direction off-corner loading reduces fastener rounding. Also included is an extra-long beam engineered to reach the deepest of fasteners with optimal leverage and strength while offering ergonomics and comfort. Manufactured for superior strength and tension, the redesigned flex head can access fasteners around tight corners and flexes through 180 degrees.

On the other hand, the 90T Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches are ideal for the technician looking to maximise productivity and increase safety. The wrenches feature a 90 tooth 12 point ratcheting box end that turns six and 12 degree fasteners with a four degree swing arc for improved access and has a 15 degree offset that allows for greater knuckle clearance. In addition, the low-profile, flush-mounted reversing lever allows the user to switch motion left to right and without needing to remove the wrench from the fastener, increasing productivity.

The 90T Double Flex GearBox Ratcheting Wrenches feature 10 individual sizes, in both SAE and Metric. In addition, there is a six piece Metric Set and a four piece SAE set available for purchase on the company website. While the 90T Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches are available in six 12 point sets, ranging from 10 pieces to 16 pieces in both SAE and Metric sizes.

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