GEARWRENCH expands Bolt Biter family 03 January 2024

GEARWRENCH has recently expanded the Bolt Biter family product line specially manufactured for fastener extraction, the Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts. Designed with professionals in mind, these inserts can effectively access rounded and rusted bolts in tight, confined spaces. GEARWRENCH also highlights up to 70% more access when using its Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts.

The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts, which work with both SAE and Metric fasteners, design is bi-directional, seats quickly and safely on fasteners, and is easily removed after use. Offering the slimmest solution to removing damaged fasteners in tight and confined spaces, the Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts not only remove stuck fasteners using traditional wrenches technicians already have on hand, but also enable the reuse of specialty fasteners, saving users time to complete a job.

The tapered entry is designed to grip and remove damaged, rounded, rusted and corroded fasteners, while the wrench inserts also include minus sizes that combine to allow the insert to seat easily on any bolt, no matter how rusted or damaged it is from its original size. Also, the wrench inserts feature a magnet on the hex base to hold the insert in place on the wrench, allowing the insert to stay in place while removing or reusing fasteners. High-visibility markings on the inserts not only show SAE and Metric sizes, but also the size wrench corresponding to each insert. These sets come in two 5 piece counts (SAE and Metric), as well as a 16 piece SAE/Metric set and 30 piece SAE/Metric set.

“The voice of the customer is at the center of all that we do at GEARWRENCH. While conducting research with professional technicians, we heard three consistent pain points – needing a tool to remove rounded and rusted fasteners, needing a tool that can remove those fasteners in tight, confined spaces, and needing a solution that works with the tools they already have in their toolbox,” says Jarrett Wolf, senior product manager at GEARWRENCH. “The GEARWRENCH Bolt Biter Wrench Inserts not only provide up to 70% more access when used with a traditional wrench or ratcheting wrench, but they also sit easily on the fastener without needing to use a hammer or mallet. These wrench inserts provide the most versatility, featuring a hex base design to work with static, ratcheting or open-end wrenches.”

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