Fastening solutions for new insulation thicknesses 24 May 2024

The Walraven cold pipe fasteners easily meet and exceed the new minimum requirements for the insulation of cold pipes according to the new Building Energy Act (GEG).

The BISOFIX® MW cold clamps were developed with non-flammable pipe supports, tailored to suite installations of refrigeration pipes in escape and rescue routes, such as necessary corridors where no fire loads should be introduced. Installed quickly and easily, cold pipes can remain visible, so they do not have to be protected by classified suspended ceilings.

In the tested system with s1 (low smoke development) and s2 (medium smoke development) pipe insulation, the Walraven cold pipe supports, BISOFIX® E+ s1s2, meet the requirements of both smoke development classes, thus meeting the demanding European smoke regulations. These fasteners also prevent thermal bridges, avoid the formation of condensation and the resulting pipe corrosion.

Walraven offers technical consultants who can provide tradesmen and planners with competent support in project planning and project support.

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