Easy Touch Control – Versatile controller 18 January 2013

HS-Technik says that its all-new Easy Touch Control System combines the sequence control of wireless run power tools with the visualisation of all relevant process data and even guidance for employees if needed.

The new ETC (Easy Touch Control) system monitors all steps of the production cycle and enables BNG-2010 or PowerRiv® battery riveters, as well as PROG-2 or PROG-3 programmable power tools, to be wireless at the time they are needed in the production cycle.

At all other times the tools are disabled and associates cannot work with them. The work results from all tools will be transmitted wirelessly to the controller where all the production data will be collected and documented. If every job was done ‘OK’, the ETC will release the product from the station and document the work results. If any job was not completed ‘OK’, the ETC can block the station or line until a responsible supervisor releases it. Alternatively the ETC automatically informs the responsible rework station which part needs to be reworked. The wireless communication with HS-Technik power tools includes the number of rivets or screws and assures that none of this can be missing. If the associate has to replace the battery during a sequence the ETC system will recall the number of missing connectors. Even if a tool breaks and is replaced by a new one the ETC system will remind the new tool with the number of missing screws or rivets. The tool exchange procedure takes less than one minute if a backup tool is available right away.

HS-Technik power tools also collect process relevant data like torque, angle, stroke or force. All the collected data will be compared with set limits and evaluated if ‘OK’ or not. Some of the HS-T tools can even be programmed with different programs, which enable one tool to be used for several applications e.g. one tightening with 2Nm and one with 5Nm. This makes the system very cost efficient and versatile.

In addition, all work results can be transferred into the company’s own quality management system, which assures that all parts are documented for customer satisfaction. The ETC system was also designed to communicate with other infrastructure like cameras, pick to light systems or even SAP.

Customers of the ETC system are automotive companies such as Audi, FIAT and Tenneco.


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