Delivering innovative tool storage 22 November 2023

With a heightened demand for tool storage options, Snap-on continues to innovate its cart offering with a range of dimensions, drawer configurations, and hundreds of colour and trim combinations so technicians have what they need, no matter the job.

Mobile tool storage carts are a versatile, more compact solution for technicians at every stage of their career, combining mobility, durability, and generous storage capacity. These carts meet the needs of a wide variety of technicians, while also being the perfect add-on accessory for users looking for additional storage space. 

Snap-on has expanded its portfolio with five unique base models offering fully welded bodies with flip-open or split-open lid styles, as well as various drawer and colour combinations, including:

Five unique base models offer fully welded bodies with flip-open or split-open lid style and various drawer and color combinations, including: 

  • KRSC430 40" Sliding Lid Eight-Drawer Shop Cart: A sturdy double-wall unit featuring a split top that slides out from the centre, offering total access to a seven inch deep top compartment that includes two sliding bins. Additionally, one of the four inch drawers is a SpeeDrawer for small parts organisation. With a spacious thirty-five inch wide, eight inch deep bottom drawer, it can also store additional bulky items. This cart is ideal for organising a wide size and variety of tools and can function as a secure charging station for power tool batteries, with a pre-punched top compartment designed to fit an optional KAPS5 Power Strip. The dual work surfaces that are embossed inward at the edges help prevent tools from rolling off, while soft safety bumpers on each corner protect vehicles and shop equipment. Options for a stainless steel or black bed liner-coated work surface are available.
  • The KRSC46H 40" Six-Drawer Roll Cart: With a seven inch deep flip-top compartment equipped with gas springs, functioning as a lockable area with storage for a battery charger. The thirty-five inch wide drawers provide a carrying capacity of 120lbs per drawer, doubling to 240lbs with double slides. The round key lock enhances security and allows for interchangeability. The top compartment fits an optional KAPS5 Power Strip and KAPS5BRKT Cord Wrap Bracket without extra drilling. The cart's Snap-on® KRA-style drawers utilise the Lock ’N Roll® system, preventing drawer drift.
  • KHP415 Four-Drawer Mobile Power Cart: Measuring 40 inches W x 20 inches D x 39 inches H, the cart features an eleven inch tall power tool charging and storage compartment with two adjustable tool racks to charge over five batteries and store at least 10 power tools. The custom-designed power strip has a fifteen inch cord and includes five 120V outlets along with two USB ports positioned for easy plug-in. Six inch vibration-absorbing casters ensure smooth mobility and cord management is made simpler with custom handle hole-mounted cord wrap posts. Providing power tool storage, charging, room for more storage, and a SpeeDrawer for organising tool accessories, this cart delivers it all in a compact footprint.
  • KRSC4130 40" Three-Drawer Workstation Cart: With a heavy-duty polymer worktop, this cart offers three thirty-five inch wide drawers and a lockable bottom section measuring 16 inch H x 36 inch W x 19 inch D. Its vibration-absorbing casters deliver stability, ensuring a secure environment for tools and equipment. Designed for mobility and durability to work on the top work surface, this unit allows customers the flexibility of a portable workstation.
  • KRSC242 36" Six-Drawer Heavy-Duty Shop Cart: Offering ample storage with a twenty-four inch depth, the cart includes a KAPS5 Power Strip with five 120V outlets and two USB ports, a KAPS5BRKT Cord Wrap Bracket for the fifteen inch cord, and a SpeeDrawer for small parts organisation. A slotted side panel can be mounted on either side to hold optional shelves, power tool racks, and tool holders. The top compartment, lockable and seven inch deep, conveniently stores long pry bars vertically and secures work in progress. To reduce damage to other objects, outer bumpers have a hard interior but soft exterior. The cart includes six drawers in varying depths: two 2 inch deep, two 4 inch deep, and two 6 inch deep. For better manoeuvrability and reduced vibration, it is equipped with four 6 inch x 2 inch vibration-resistant swivel casters.
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