Collated rivet T-nuts for furniture applications 09 September 2020

JET PRESS Ltd has recently delivered a rivet T-nut machine using collated T-nuts to a specialist healthcare and riser recliner chair maker Repose Furniture, capable of up to 1,000 rivet T-nut insertions per hour and powered by compressed air.

James Hewlett, industrial designer at Repose Furniture commented: “Each chair has 20 - 30 T-nuts. We were using tap in T-nuts but they could easily fall out during production, so we had to start stapling a piece of card over the T-nut to keep it in place. Both were manual operations and took a lot of time.”

With the support of David Elcocks, production and development director at Repose Furniture, James looked at ways to improve the production process. He approached JET PRESS and sent samples of the materials to be used. JET PRESS returned them with Sigma rivet T-nuts inserted and it was clear a rivet T-nut machine would be improve the process further.

According to James: “Everything went smoothly. JET PRESS had the machine in stock and they came out, installed it, and gave us the training. When we had a problem, the JET PRESS engineer came out despite the Covid-19 situation and everything was sorted out. These rivet T-nuts are flared so it takes the bolt better, and there’s no more cross-threading now.”

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