Big performance from small NSK ball screws 15 November 2021

A new high-speed series of miniature large lead ball screws, from NSK Linear Motion Control, offers a number of important benefits to users, including reduced product takt time, the potential to downsize equipment and reduced power consumption.

NSK Linear Motion points out that the performance attributes of the new ball screws, together with a large lead and small diameter, make the products optimal for equipment used in the semiconductor industry, where demands include exceptionally high-levels of throughput and chip mounting accuracy.

NSK has successfully reduced the load on motors by making the ball screw shaft diameter as small as possible to reduce inertia, while at the same time increasing the lead through the introduction of new manufacturing technologies. Furthermore, by adopting the company’s end deflector recirculation system, which offers
high-speed and low noise characteristics, NSK has succeeded in achieving rotational speeds of up to 5,000rpm.

These advanced capabilities are ideal for chip mounters and other such equipment that require a relatively short stroke, enabling operation at high acceleration/deceleration, as well as traverse speeds exceeding 1.25m/sec. This speed surpasses the performance of linear motors to ensure the easy reduction of takt time.

The miniature large lead ball screw, which is part of NSK’s Compact-FA series and available on a short lead time, can also replace small air cylinders as it offers both high-speed and high precision multipoint positioning. Importantly, the range is environmentally friendly and free from any hazardous substances, thus helping to support the sustainability credentials of NSK customers.

Both 6mm and 8mm shaft diameters are available alongside the largest lead options in its Class 8, 10, 12 and 15mm. A low profile nut, which reduces flange and nut heights by up to 33% compared with conventional ball screws, contributes to the downsizing of machines and, in turn, reduces power consumption.

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