Better to be safe 22 July 2020

Assembly pins are certainly not a new invention, but JW Winco has once again been able to enhance fully developed parts according to the application and combine them with other standard securing parts to create the new GN 2342 series.

Stainless steel assembly pins from the GN 2342 series are available in all common diameters from 8mm to 20mm, and in various standardised lengths. Three different end washer forms, and the selection by means of a specific code number between assembly pin with and without transverse spring cotter pin holes, help to further diversify the series.

On one of the end washers is a turned stainless steel collar washer, which holds the axially inserted assembly pin in the correct position. The eyelet washer version, having a hole in which a retaining cable or a ball chain can be attached, protects the assembly and matching spring cotter pins from getting lost, securing the assembly pin axially through the transverse hole. The third type of washer offers a fastening tab with an elongated hole. This secures the assembly pin axially, restricting rotation and is attached without play using a countersunk screw.

All washers are non-detachable, as they are fastened to the assembly pin via the axial countersunk hole. This design favours the implementation of solution-specific special lengths.

JW Winco has also revised the spring cotter pin. The securing element, which is available as GN 1024, is based on even-numbered wire gauges which simplifies matching to the associated through hole. The spring cotter pins are available in steel and stainless steel, as well as with single or double winding.

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