Avoiding the problem of adhesive blooming 08 November 2023

Industry professionals can enhance their knowledge and use of instant adhesives with the release, byHenkel UK, of its LOCTITE brand’s new 12 page eBook guide to understanding and eliminating the problem of blooming, something which poses challenges for the cyanoacrylates market.

Blooming is a white or rainbow coloured haze, which occurs when unreacted cyanoacrylate adhesive molecules become airborne, fall back to the substrate’s surface, react with the surface moisture, and adhere to the substrate outside the bondline. The unwelcome effect can be highly damaging for businesses, from requiring increased time and financial expenditure to fix the problem, through to the cost and impact of scrapping products due to their being unusable. However, the practical effects pale into insignificance when compared to the reputational harm caused by blooming, which can be even more damaging.

The free eBook, launched in September, is designed to educate customers and potential users about blooming and provides professionals with new solutions for evolving bonding challenges. Over four chapters, the guide discusses the phenomenon, which is unique to cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as superglue or instant adhesive, and has an in-depth explainer of how to avoid blooming, selecting the best solution and three customer case studies testifying to LOCTITE’s expertise and collaboration in the use of adhesives in industrial applications.

“We are thrilled to be launching the LOCTITE® eBook to help prevent blooming,” said Paul Marshall, head of marketing at Henkel UK, Ireland and Nordics. “Professionals can now access this innovative resource for insights, practical knowledge and customer testimonies, saving them time and money. We believe that by sharing our expertise freely, we can contribute to advancing the use of adhesives across industries worldwide.”

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