Automating tape applications with RoboTape™ 12 May 2022

3M and Innovative Automation are joining together to provide industrial manufacturers with an automated solution - RoboTape™ for tape applications that require precision, repeatability and high output.

To meet the needs of industrial customers facing labour shortages and increasing costs, manufacturers need advanced solutions. RoboTape™ enables industrial manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of 3M™ Tape in assembly processes while maximising production throughput, improving quality, reducing or retasking manual labour and limiting rework.  

RoboTape™ provides an improved way to apply 3M™ Tapes precisely for high volume applications at production speeds that aren't achievable with manual tape application. The system has been carefully optimised to meet the demands of manufacturing, while providing additional features to streamline operation and maintenance.

RoboTape™ has been pre-configured and optimised for a variety of 3M VHB Tapes. The tape is adjustable for foam felt and attachment tapes. Additionally, the product includes an unwind stand which is capable of zero downtime spool changes, a patent pending feed system and a lightweight applicator head. By utilising level wound rolls of 3M VHB Tape, the product achieves extended run times and minimises material handling. The flexible design of the tape allows for it to be integrated onto small or large industrial robots or co-bots from a variety of robot OEMs which can be matched to customer preference.

"At 3M, we are focused on helping our customers improve bonding accuracy and outcomes wherever they are in their automation journey and this system is another step forward for industrial manufacturing," said Chris Goralski, president of 3M's industrial adhesives and tapes division. "We are thrilled to be working with Innovative Automation to help bring our customers new ways to support their applications."      

Innovative Automation's technology and integration capabilities, the company claims, help customers reach their manufacturing goals and have been developing novel ways to accomplish this with tape. "This system gives us a chance to combine our unique technology and automation experience with 3M's bonding expertise in a way that supports customers looking to improve their production capabilities. We are excited for how this collaboration with 3M will move the industry forward," said Steve Loftus, founder of Innovative Automation.  

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