At the forefront of fastener manufacturing 27 October 2023

Driven by a desire to elevate its products, reduce delivery times, and increase production capacity for its customers, Marcopol has invested in its technological capabilities, as well as in strengthening its quality control department.

A Polish manufacturer and supplier of fastener and fixing elements, Marcopol has invested in both machinery and experts over recent years – so that it can tailor its solutions and services to various industries. “Thanks to our investments we can offer customers high-quality products at competitive prices and with short delivery times,” states Anastazja Janus, export and foreign markets business development director at Marcopol. “We are fully aware that the current situation in the global market has led to many changes, with one of the most important trends the breaking of traditional supply chains. In response to this crisis, many European companies began looking for alternative supply sources, preferring those that offer a short lead time. As a business, we see great potential for our company in this area, which is why we are intensely focusing on expanding our exports to meet the growing demand of the European market – helping companies to navigate new challenges effectively.”

Through investments in modern machines to produce carpentry screws for wood, with diameters ranging from 6mm to 12mm and lengths from 100mm to 320mm, as well as its strategic plans to expand its heat treatment facility, Marcopol will be able to increase its production capacity and better adapt to the requirements of customers. Furthermore, by strengthening its quality department team, the company will be able to meet the ever increasing challenges in the control and analysis of its products, ensuring that every fastener is a product from experts for experts.

“We have two production plants in Poland, which allow us to flexibly produce fastening elements according to individual customer requirements,” underlines Anastazja. “We have the capability to fulfil special orders, even for short runs, ensuring we can offer low minimum order quantities. Furthermore, our competitiveness is based not only on production but also on a comprehensive advisory infrastructure. Our team, consisting of technologists, quality control specialists, and technical commercial advisors, guarantees support at every stage – from design, through production, to close collaboration with the customer during and after product use. We are keen to collaborate with customers to develop optimal solutions for their needs.”

In response to the needs of its business partners, Marcopol also offers additional services. For those who want to distinguish their product, the company can produce personalised labels and packaging. Additionally, for industries such as furniture, it can provide the assembly of fasteners into dedicated sets. “These services are not just limited to production,” mentions Anastazja. “We are aware of how crucial logistics is in modern business. Therefore, we focus on supporting the client in this area as well, being not just a producer, but also a reliable supplier of fastening elements. This means we can optimise the delivery process, allowing clients to focus on their core activities – saving valuable time. Our aim is to be a partner who understands and responds to the individual needs of every client – regardless of their size and scale.”

Recent needs from customers include meeting environmental issues, which is an area Marcopol pays close attention. “We have implemented numerous solutions in our company aimed at minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, and we also invest in eco-friendly technologies,” highlights Anastazja. “One of the most crucial actions that our company has undertaken is the reduction of CO2 emissions, which we have done in various ways.”

This includes refraining from using large amounts of plastic films, which are difficult to dispose of and consequently contribute to environmental pollution. Instead, the company focuses on alternative solutions, such as using paper bags and environmentally friendly packaging. Marcopol also looks to use eco-friendly fillers for transport boxes and produces it in-house from wastepaper obtained in other logistical processes. To add to this, the company’s vehicle fleet, which consists of 100% hybrid vehicles, uses solutions from, which further allows the business to reduce its impact on the environment.

“At Marcopol, we strive not only for excellence in the production of fasteners, but also for continuous development and adaptation in a rapidly changing business environment,” concludes Anastazja. “Our ‘expert for experts’ approach forms the foundation of our operations, but behind it lie advanced strategies that have kept us at the forefront of fastener manufacturing in central Europe for over 38 years.”

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