Antistatic coating system 20 May 2024

Weicon, a manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, has developed an epoxy resin system – Weicon Anti-Static – to provide antistatic coating of various surfaces in the industrial sector.

The liquid, two component antistatic epoxy resin system has a high proportion of fine ceramic fillers. The coating suppresses electrostatic charging while preventing dust accumulation and electric fields in potentially explosive environments. Anti-Static is a sprayable coating that is free of tar and solvents and has been specially developed for application with low-pressure equipment.

The system has good chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance, it adheres well on a wide variety of surfaces, even under vibration and stretching, does not drip, and cures without much shrinkage. After mixing the two components, the epoxy cures at room temperature to a solid, metal-like material, which can then be drilled, milled, sanded or filed, if required.

Anti-Static can be used in many areas of industry, such as chemical industry, electromobility, semiconductor industry, maintenance and repair, mechanical and plant engineering, pharmaceutical industry or in the packaging industry. This system is suitable for coating a wide variety of parts, such as pipes, containers, agitators, stacking containers and many other parts. It also facilitates the storage and transport of flammable goods.

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