Anti-vibration buffer 23 January 2019

It is necessary to install vibration buffers between a mechanical vibration source and the anchoring systems installed at the floor or foundation, in order to enable the efficient and correct running of machinery and plants over time, as well as to guarantee a significant reduction in noise limits in relation to the works carried out.

Vibrations are oscillations, which may be generated mechanically (through motors, industrial processes, presses, fans and other mechanical components) or through natural phenomena. These vibrations are not always harmful, but any accidental occurrence may present a serious hazard to the operator or sounds, noises and structural vibrations, which may even result in damages of incorrectly insulated components and systems due to the dangerous phenomenon of resonance.

Bäcker GmbH & Co KG is able to offer a range of products that covers any and all common vibration dampers, offering a safe response to all kinds of requirements. The company offers vibration dampers with various different types of elastomeric compounds: NR/SBR 60Sh or 45Sh, vulcanised on metal parts made of zinc–plated or stainless steel. The standard cylindrical vibration dampers are ideally suited for applications with pressure and shearing stress.

These are designed for medium loads and are used in many different areas, including the construction of agricultural and earth-moving machinery, vacuum cleaners, compressors and fans, generators, ship’s engines, motor vehicles, motorbikes, attractions in amusement parks, mechanical engineering, as well as for wellness, heating and air conditioning systems.

“Our technical department is available for the development of new vibration dampers, as well as for the individual adaptation of catalogue products corresponding to customers’ specific enquiries or drawings,” explains Bäcker. “Thanks to our customer orientation, we are extremely flexible and able to react to each requirement in a short time and with the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency. Our products are always a reliable choice facilitating the work of our customers.”

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